6th/7th/8th Grade Social Studies, Mrs. Evans

Hello My Name Is...

Ms. Evans

Ms. Evans
Phone: 623-388-2321 
Room: 403
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 Philosophy of Education

I believe my role as a teacher is to provide my students with the tools they need to succeed as a moral, productive, and contributing member of our society. I will create a safe, caring, and nurturing environment, free from ridicule and harm.

My class is structured with a consistent and organized environment that will foster an atmosphere that focuses on learning. My role will be to teach my students at the beginning of the year to take ownership in their learning process.I will teach them how to establish goals for themselves, and I will give them the tools they need to be successful by communicating clearly and succinctly. I want to create a magical essence that fosters a desire to learn.

I believe group interaction is essential in creating a balanced learning environment. My strategy for teaching will be either teacher-led instruction or student-centered instruction, or both.

To enhance student learning, my role will be to structure assignments and organize materials for my students to accomplish their learning objectives. I will design lessons that will engage my students’ learning process and create a road map for them to achieve their objective.

I understand not all students learn in the same manner. I will be flexible and design instructions for success, allowing room for failure. I will differentiate my teaching instruction, and will use different  methodologies, exercises, and activities to engage all my students.
I will continuously reiterate self-worth to all my students. I will strive to provide all my students with the tools they need to be successful in a learning environment. I will be the light to guide my students to overcome obstacles and hardships that may block their path to success. I will inspire all my students to reach their fullest potential.
Language Arts is the doorway to the magical world of Reading and Writing,
but science is the key to life.