2nd Grade, Mrs. Savage

Mrs. Savage
Phone:(623) 388-2321

Welcome! My name is Mrs. Savage. My teaching philosophy is that every child can learn when given the right opportunities. In my classroom, students are taught the importance of working together, encouraging one another and being responsible for their own learning.

I run my classroom with the primary principles of Love and Logic. The two basic rules of this system are as follows:


Adults set firm limits in loving ways without anger, lecture, or threats.


When a child causes a problem the adult hands it back in loving ways.

1. In a loving way, the adult holds the child accountable for solving his/her problems in a way that does not make a problem for others.

2. Children are offered choices with limits.

3. Adults use enforceable statements.

4. Adults provide delayed/extended consequences.

5. The adult’s empathy is “locked in” before consequences are delivered

To learn more about Love and Logic, please feel free to visit their website at http://www.loveandlogic.com/

Updated: 10/20/2017