Preschool, Mrs. Gouak
Welcome to PreSchool!

My name is Mrs. Gouak...  
(I know it may look a little weird, but it's really easy to
pronounce..."ou" like "out", and the "a" is silent...."Guh-ow-k")
Preschool, Mrs. Gouak I can be easily reached at:

       *  Ph: 623-388-2321

       *  Email:

I have been a teacher for 14+ years, and joined the Nadaburg Elementary School staff in January, 2013. I have taught a range of grades, and simply love the preschool ages. This age of children are always so delighted when they learn something new, and I look forward to teaching them the basics to prepare them for Kindergarten in the next year or two. In Preschool, students will learn and discover through the process of play and group activities; they will learn skills in the areas of social, physical, emotional and academics. I also have a wonderful aide in my classroom, Ms. Padgett, who also brings a love of working with children to the classroom.

I have the support of my wonderful husband and children. We have a small 'farm' of dogs, cats, chickens and 1 fish! Both of my parents were music teachers, and I grew up watching them create a love of learning in their students. So, ever since I was a kid myself, I have wanted to be a teacher. Growing up, I lived in several states, and traveled around the United States during our summers; now I try to provide the same travel and camping experiences for my own family. I like to share pictures of places where we have traveled and visited with my friends, colleagues and students! I look forward to instilling the joy of learning in each and every one of my students!

I realize it can be hard to let your little 'babies' go; I felt the same way when my youngest started preschool. I can relate to how amazing
it is to think that they have reached this age already. However, this year will be eye-opening as you watch your little one grow and explore even more! I want you to feel comfortable to ask questions when you drop-off and pick-up your children. If you ever need to have longer 'chat' with me, please let me know, and we’ll set aside a time to meet. My door is always open!

Thank you for reading my page and getting to know me a little bit - I look forward to meeting you soon, too,and am so excited to have your child in my classroom this year!

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