5th ELA/SS & Tech Mentor, Mrs. Taylor

 Mrs. Holli Taylor
5th ELA/Social Studies Educator 

Phone:  623-388-2321

Engage, Empower, Enhance!

Be The Change you Want to See in The World

I want to share my Philosophy with you….
This is one of my favorite stories that shows the dedication that we have for each child. One day an old man was walking on the beach and from the distance, he saw a young boy throwing starfishes back into the ocean. The old man asked the boy, “Why are you doing that?” and the young boy replied, “Because if I don’t they will die.” The old man explained to the young boy that there are so many starfishes along the beach that he could not possibly make a difference. After hearing that, the young boy bent down to pick up yet another starfish and threw it back into the ocean. As it sank to into the water, he said to the old man, “It made a difference for that one.” (Author Unknown)
            That is why I will maintain a safe, supportive, and respected learning environment that is conducive to learning. I want my students’ first experience with the elementary education process to be one of the positive memories, full of learning and growth. My students will know that I am at school to teach, mold, and lead by example. I will not expect anything more from my class, that I would not be willing to do myself.
I want my students to feel knowledgeable and informed about the expectations and procedures of the class and school. I believe that every child contributes to the class by bringing personality, personal experiences, culture, and even prior knowledge. All community (parents, grandparents, caregivers, and peers) is valued and important in the retrospect of the classroom setting. I will be flexible, yet consistent with growth and change as the diversity of each individual changes throughout the year

HTaylor in ParadiseWe have a fun and exhilarating year ahead of us. This is my 17th year working with the preK-8 students and teachers. I have two young daughters and a wonderful of husband of 17 years at home. My oldest daughter will be in High School and the youngest is in 5th. We moved out of town to enjoy living in the desert. We have a fish, a pig, 6 dogs, 2 Mini's, 1 horse, 1 desert tortoise and 3 goats and tons of wild animals around our home. I love taking pictures of the desert and the animals and sharing them with my students.