6th/7th/8th Grade ELA, Ms. Mackenzie

Welcome to Middle School ELA

Ms. Mackenzie

Ms. Mackenzie - ELA

I am very excited to be your teacher this year and looking forward to sharing the year with you.   Here's a little about me.   I love teaching and learning and surrounding myself with knowledge.   I believe that each person who enters my class is amazing, brilliant and wants to grow their academic skills.    I believe that each person has their own set of unique talents which contribute to the team.    I look forward to working with each of you as individual learners and working together for individual growth.

In my classroom, it is suggested that each student have their own set of supplies.  The main items are:   1-5 Subject Notebook, 1-1 Subject Notebook and a 1" binder.   Here is a copy of all suggested school supplies.  supplylist.pdf   If you are unable to get these supplies, please let me know so I can make alternate arrangements. 

We will have homework this year, and all homework will be issued in order to support individual growth.   All assignments that are not complete during class time, can be completed at home and turned in the next day.   If for any reason you are not able to complete any assignment in time, please let me know so we can make appropriate arrangements.    Homework will be tracked in the 1" binder with detailed instructions for completion.

Every day we work on assignments that have be reviewed by myself and are created for individual growth.   I encourage you to view the daily lesson plans where what we have done during the day is posted.   Homework and other items that are useful will be posted as well.   Please know, that on occasion, our day may deviate from what was originally planned.   You may visit www.planbook.com, click on student view to access.  You will need my email, listed below, and the key which is nadaburg.    

If you ever need anything, please contact me!    I am looking forward to an amazing year. 

Contact Information:   jmackenzie@nadaburgsd.org